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Auction:E-Auction of ferrous & non ferrous scrap materials, non use spare items and machinery lying at the Vaishali Nagar, Nivali, Latur
Description:Scrap Materials, Non use Spare items and Machinery
On date:16-03-2023 11:30
On Behalf of:Vilas Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.
Managing Director
Inspection Date:10th to 14th March, 2023 (During Working Days/Hours only) Between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm
Address:Vilas Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd., (Formerly Known as Vikas Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd.) Vaishalinagar,Nivli, Tq.& Dist.Latur (Maharashtra). Contact Person: Mr. Gajanand Patil Contact Number: M:9307327977 ; Tel: 02382-277622, 30,32,33
Terms:1) Bidder has to submit CMD has mention in the catalog, DD / PO of Nationalized Bank favoring “VILAS SAHAKARI SAKHAR KARKHANA LTD.” Payable at “Latur / at Par” to participate in e auction. 2) Submit the Demand Drafts either by courier or hand delivery before 5:00 PM on or before 15.03.2023 to Ashvin & Co. and No Demand Draft will be accepted after that period. 3) Bidders has to submit Ashvin & Co registration fees of Rs. 13,111/- by DD/PO in favour of Ashvin & Co payable at Mumbai 4) CMD as specified in the e auction list.
 SectionLot No.LotDescriptionUnitQuantityLocationRemark
111Lot No 1) PP BagPP Bag (04 Jun 2022) HSN Code 391510Each143134 Nos
2 2Lot No 2) NFC CardNFC Card HSN Code 852352Each9900 Nos
3 3Lot No 3) Bearing ( store)Bearing ( store) HSN Code 848210M.T1 M.T
4 4Lot No 4) M S ChuraM S Chura HSN Code 720421Kgs100 Kgs
5 5Lot No 5) Plastic Can 35 LtrPlastic Can 35 Ltr HSN Code 391510Each1500 Nos
6 6Lot No 6) Plastic Can 50 LtrPlastic Can 50 Ltr HSN Code 391510Each250 Nos
7 7Lot No 7) KoyteKoyte HSN Code 720410Each7600 Nos
8 8Lot No 8) TentTent HSN Code 63062990Lot1 Lot
9 9Lot No 9) SS Pipe, SS Tubes, SS MaterialsSS Pipe, SS Tubes, SS Materials HSN Code 720410M.T25 M.T
10 10Lot No 10) Wire Rope NoylonWire Rope Noylon HSN Code 56075040Kgs500 Kgs
11 11Lot No 11) Light Weight MS SheetLight Weight MS Sheet HSN Code 720421M.T5 M.T
12 12Lot No 12) Chuna/Gandhak Cut BagChuna/Gandhak Cut Bag HSN Code 64029990Lot1 Lot
13 13Lot No 13) Gun Metal SoiledGun Metal Soiled HSN Code 720410Kgs3000 Kgs
14 14Lot No 14) Fexcible ShaftFexcible Shaft HSN Code 720410M.T6 M.T
15 15Lot No 15) Polymer Runner With SS stripsPolymer Runner With SS strips HSN Code 400400Lot1 Lot
16 16Lot No 16) GI MaterialsGI Materials HSN Code 720410M.T1 M.T
17 17Lot No 17) Copper Wire (PCB Require)Copper Wire (PCB Require) HSN Code 740400Kgs50 KgsPCB Require
18 18Lot No 18) Computer Spare & CartageComputer Spare & Cartage HSN Code 84713010. PCB Require (E-Waste)Lot1 LotPCB Require (E-Waste)
19 19Lot No 19) Plastic helmetPlastic helmet HSN Code 65061010Each500 Nos
20 20Lot No 20) Wooden packingWooden packing HSN Code 441510Lot1 Lot
21 21Lot No 21) SS Rotary screenSS Rotary screen HSN Code 720410M.T1 M.T
22 22Lot No 22) Bullock Cart TyresBullock Cart Tyres HSN Code 440140Each300 Nos
23 23Lot No 23) Tractor Tyre BigTractor Tyre Big HSN Code 400400Each6 Nos
24 24Lot No 24) Trcktor tyre SmallTrcktor tyre Small HSN Code 400400Each7 Nos
25 25Lot No 25) Bullock Cart DiskBullock Cart Disk HSN Code 440140Each100 Nos
26 26Lot No 26) Cement SheetsCement Sheets HSN Code 681140Lot1 Lot
27 27Lot No 27) Metal Chairs/Computer chairsMetal Chairs/Computer chairs HSN Code 720410Lot1 Lot
28 28Lot No 28) Dry Cell Battery (PCB Require)Dry Cell Battery (PCB Require) HSN Code 854810Each62 NosPCB Require
29 29Lot No 29) Scrap Tyre ScorpioScrap Tyre Scorpio HSN Code 400400Each24 Nos
30 30Lot No 30) DG Set Battery (PCB Require)DG Set Battery (PCB Require) HSN Code 854810Each17 NosPCB Require
31 31Lot No 31) Vehicle sparesVehicle spares HSN Code 720410Lot1 Lot
32 32Lot No 32) Mill Head Stock L+R 30’’X 60’’ (As per actual wt)Mill Head Stock L+R 30’’X 60’’ (As per actual wt) HSN Code 720410M.T1 M.T
33 33Lot No 33) MS Wire RopeMS Wire Rope HSN Code 720410M.T5 M.T
34 34Lot No 34) Mill Head Stock L+R 33’’X 66’’ (As per actual wt)Mill Head Stock L+R 33’’X 66’’ (As per actual wt) HSN Code 720410M.T1 M.T
35 35Lot No 35) CI MaterialsCI Materials HSN Code 720410M.T4 M.T
36 36Lot No 36) Air Conditioner & SparesAir Conditioner & Spares HSN Code 84159000 PCB Require (E-Waste)Lot1 LotPCB Require (E-Waste)
37 37Lot No 37) Mill Roller (As per actual wt)Mill Roller (As per actual wt) HSN Code 720410M.T1 M.T
38 38Lot No 38) Boiler Super Heater CoilBoiler Super Heater Coil HSN Code 720410M.T40 M.T
39 39Lot No 39) PaintDrums 20 Ltr Good ConditionPaintDrums 20 Ltr Good Condition HSN Code 391510Each200 Nos
40 40Lot No 40) Fabricated Tank & other MaterialsFabricated Tank & other Materials HSN Code 720410M.T50 M.T
41 41Lot No 41) Electrical ScrapElectrical Scrap HSN Code 854931 PCB Require (E-Waste)Lot1 LotPCB Require (E-Waste)
42 42Lot No 42) Oil Drums 15 LtrOil Drums 15 Ltr HSN Code 391510Each16 Nos
43 43Lot No 43) Metal Barrels 200 Lte Good ConditionsMetal Barrels 200 Lte Good Conditions HSN Code 720410Kgs1800 Kgs
44 44Lot No 44) Metal Barrels 200 Lte ScrapMetal Barrels 200 Lte Scrap; HSN CODE 720410Kgs1800 Kgs
45 45Lot No 45) Gunmetal TurningGunmetal Turning; HSN CODE 720410Kgs40 Kgs
46 46Lot No 46) Brass ScreenBrass Screen; HSN CODE 740400Kgs400 Kgs
47 47Lot No 47) Chain SparesChain Spares; HSN CODE 720410M.T10 M.T
48 48Lot No 48) Juicer Heater with SS tubes (As per actual wt)Juicer Heater with SS tubes (As per actual wt); HSN CODE 843830M.T1 M.T
49 49Lot No 49) Scrap Bullock CartsScrap Bullock Carts; HSN CODE 720410M.T1 M.T
50 50Lot No 50) MS PipeMS Pipe; HSN CODE 720410M.T60 M.T
51 51Lot No 51) Mill Spares Crown pinion, tail bar coupling, plateMill Spares Crown pinion, tail bar coupling, plate; HSN CODE 720410M.T20 M.T
52 52Lot No 52) TRPF Roller Top Bottom (As per actual wt)TRPF Roller Top Bottom (As per actual wt); HSN CODE 843890M.T1 M.T
53 53Lot No 53) Acid TankAcid Tank; HSN CODE 841989M.T1 M.T
54 54Lot No 54) SS Wire Netting & SS Screen AliverSS Wire Netting & SS Screen Aliver; HSN CODE 720410Kgs500 Kgs
55 55Lot No 55) MG Gratting metal GrilleMG Gratting metal Grille; HSN CODE 720410M.T5 M.T
56 56Lot No 56) Aluminium PlanksAluminium Planks; HSN CODE 760200M.T1 M.T
57 57Lot No 57) MS Palte & MS ChannelMS Palte & MS Channel; HSN CODE 720410M.T10 M.T
58 58Lot No 58) Fire Fighter PipesFire Fighter Pipes; HSN CODE 720410Lot1 Lot
59 59Lot No 59) Fills PVC Colling TowerFills PVC Colling Tower; HSN CODE 84198940M.T2 M.T
60 60Lot No 60) Rubber belt & other Rubber materialRubber belt & other Rubber material; HSN CODE 400400Lot1 Lot
61 61Lot No 61) Scrap paint Drums 20 Ltr ( scrap)Scrap paint Drums 20 Ltr ( scrap); HSN CODE 391510Each150 Nos
62 62Lot No 62) Plastic can cut/damagedPlastic can cut/damaged; HSN CODE 391510M.T1 M.T

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